2016 Year in Review, Bring on 2017 – Happy New Years – Nathan Nowack Photography

December 30, 2016 Family, Other, Personal Work, Portraits, Weddings

Every year around New Years Eve I think to myself, where did the year go?!?  This 2016 calendar year has gone so quickly that I wanted to write a post and reflect on the past events that have happened in 2016.  For some, 2016 was an amazing year filled with love, new life, new ventures and lots of fun exploration.  While for others it was a horrible train wreck fiasco that continued to get worse and ended with something they never saw coming.  With the death of family members, friends, celebrities and musicians, we also have to remember that there was new life too.  Not only did I welcome my first born son, but many more friends of mine welcomed their new children into this world as well as announced pregnancies, adoptions, and 2nd and 3rd children.  And we can’t forgot about why my website is even here, for the millions of amazing weddings that took place across the world and the ones I had the pleasure of attending and capturing.  What an honor it was by so many amazing clients of mine to trust me with their special day and share their story with me.

This year I captured weddings from Mexico to Canada, meeting new people from all over the world.  I captured weddings at venues I hadn’t ever shot at, while shooting weddings at a few of my favorites that always continue to inspire me.  With new techniques, equipment, and a variety of new photo locations, I was pretty busy the entire year and couldn’t have been happier.  I really do love what I do, and not just because it’s my livelihood, but because I get to witness so much love and meet so many new people.  Love truly is something that keeps this world going and growing, no matter what country you live in, what religion you are, or who you’re in love with.  Family Love, spouse love, friendship love, self love, it’s all amazing.  So I continue to do what I love to do in hopes that my work will inspire more people to love, live, and laugh in life even when there is also pain, tears, and sadness.  There is a Ying and Yang to everything and I truly believe that we each can mold our futures into what we want them to be.

So here’s to a new year, a new 2017 of adventures for everyone with hope that we will triumph over any adversity and find a way to be happy and in love.  Thank you to everyone for allowing me to capture their lives and their families and I wish you all an amazing 2017 and beyond.

Love, Nathan Nowack Photography

Happy New Year 2016

Highlights of 2016:
First son was born
Continue to love and be inspired by my beautiful wife
Was Featured on BuzzFeed
Traveled to Las Vegas again for WPPI convention
High Fived Elon Musk
My Commercial Photography company continued to grow (Coverve.com)
Captured weddings in San Diego, Lake Arrowhead, Mexico, and Canada
Featured on multiple new wedding websites and blogs
Made arrangements to travel to Korea in 2017 to meet my biological family