An Announcement – Coming Soon – May 2016

December 17, 2015 Family, Other, Personal Work

While I rarely put many personal topics on my professional photography blog, this subject was one that I couldn’t pass up.  Many of you already follow me on Facebook or see my posts on Instagram,  but for those of you who don’t, please see the photo below.  YEP, my wife and I are expecting our first born son in May 2016.  My wife and I have had a long road behind us getting to this point but are delighted for the future beyond words.  With a never quit attitude, close friends and family, and lots of love being sent our way, we have finally gotten to this point and are very appreciative of everyone’s support and the miracles of modern medicine.  You truely don’t know how amazing it is until you go through it first hand.  So I took a photo with a Microsoft Xbox video game Achievement type theme.  This photo sums up our journey, much like a video game itself.You don’t automatically win a video game, it takes practice.  If your first strategy doesn’t work, you try a different approach.  Sometimes you even have to step back and take a break.  Even when you’re being given tips by friends and family who have already “won” the game, you know in the end it has to be your own way and only with time and continued efforts.  We were getting closer, we had extra energy, new connections and had saved up our coins.  We knew we were getting closer to the final level and then…..Success!!!   And now we are there, just months away from bringing our first born son into the world, and who will undoubtedly be the superstar of my camera for quite some time.

Thank you again to everyone for their congratulations and especially my awesome and beautiful wife.  She has been through a lot and I really admire her strength and perseverance.  I thank the video game gods every day for introducing her into my life.  We still have a long road ahead, filled with new levels and poopy monsters galore.  But without her, I’d still be on Single Player mode looking for my princess.