2016 Year in Review, Bring on 2017 – Happy New Years – Nathan Nowack Photography

December 30, 2016 Family, Other, Personal Work, Portraits, Weddings

Every year around New Years Eve I think to myself, where did the year go?!?  This 2016 calendar year has gone so quickly that I wanted to write a post and reflect on the past events that have happened in 2016.  For some, 2016 was an amazing year filled with love, new life, new ventures and lots of fun exploration.  While for others it was a horrible train wreck fiasco that continued to get worse and ended with something they never saw coming.  With the death of family members, friends, celebrities and musicians, we also have to remember that there was new life too.  Not only did I welcome my first born son, but many more friends of mine welcomed their new children into this world as well as announced pregnancies, adoptions, and 2nd and 3rd children.  And we can’t forgot about why my website is even here, for the millions of amazing weddings that took place across the world and the ones I had the pleasure of attending and capturing.  What an honor it was by so many amazing clients of mine to trust me with their special day and share their story with me.

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An Announcement – Coming Soon – May 2016

December 17, 2015 Family, Other, Personal Work

While I rarely put many personal topics on my professional photography blog, this subject was one that I couldn’t pass up.  Many of you already follow me on Facebook or see my posts on Instagram,  but for those of you who don’t, please see the photo below.  YEP, my wife and I are expecting our first born son in May 2016.  My wife and I have had a long road behind us getting to this point but are delighted for the future beyond words.  With a never quit attitude, close friends and family, and lots of love being sent our way, we have finally gotten to this point and are very appreciative of everyone’s support and the miracles of modern medicine.  You truely don’t know how amazing it is until you go through it first hand.  So I took a photo with a Microsoft Xbox video game Achievement type theme.  This photo sums up our journey, much like a video game itself.

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E3 – 2015 – Electronic Entertainment Expo – Video Game Conference – Downtown Los Angeles – Square Enix

June 29, 2015 Events, Personal Work

Zombies, Geeks, Major Nelson and Freddie Wong.  This is where I belong.  I was fortunate enough to be photographing a few weeks ago for Square Enix and their social media team at the 2015 E3 Expo in Downtown Los Angeles at the Convention Center.  Around 50,000 gamers, movie stars, and businessmen crowded the floors of the immense gaming community for a glimpse of new games, hardware, and of course, freebie swag.  Square Enix was debuting a few game sneak peeks, including Hitman, Deus Ex, Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 3, and of course the announcement of the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake.  Yes, your dreams have come true.  

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Meeting My First Biological Sibling – My Korean Adoptee Adventure

March 8, 2015 Other, Personal Work

Dan-aka-DanWhat a huge 6 months this has been, I almost don’t know where to begin.  Last year, the Korean American Adoptee Musician and Rapper Dan Matthews made a documentary called “akaDAN.”  Many of you may have heard about it or even see it and if you haven’t you need to.  Click this link for the 10 part YouTube series.  

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Beautiful Panoramic of Downtown Los Angeles at Sunset – Nathan Nowack Photography

April 20, 2014 Other, Personal Work

Last night I was at my friends place, and although not in the nicest area of town, gets one of the best views of downtown Los Angeles at night during the sunset time.  I was already downtown for an engagement session, so I decided to stop by for a quick photo and some dinner.  

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