Google Glass – Are these the future?

February 22, 2013 Other


Google Glass has been on the radar for years and finally the website has more information and some screen shots to drool over.  Is this the future?  Is this the next generation iPhones?  Will we someday have smaller versions of this on OLED contact lenses implanted into our eyes?  Who knows, but I’d love to test one of these out to see what it’s like.  For a hefty early adopters price of $1500, not many people will be jumping on board to get one of these.  Especially when you first have to send in an application by Tweeting or Google+ quoting #ifihadglass and 50 words of less why you would be a good candidate for a Google Glass Explorer.   I’m sure hundreds of people will still be applying, so it will be interesting to see who gets them first.

I remember when early touchscreen cell phones were super expensive and rare, and now look at how many smart phones are on the market.  It’s only a matter of years before things like this are more widely available and probably more intuitive.   But for now, these little slick futuristic glasses look like half of a Star Trek visor on Geordi La Forge.  Controlled completely by saying “ok glass” a set of commands pop up and activate.  Taking a photo, recording a video, sending a text, translating words, looking on google, and much much more.  Now the big question, what cell phone service carrier is this going to be released with first?  And how many are they releasing in their first batch?

What would I use it for?  Well simple.  Food Porn and Travel the world Hands Free.

Introducing my New Website by Social Mediarts

January 19, 2013 Other



John has now undergone a new branding and is called  Please visit him there and contact him for website design, creation, or SEO.


Depending on how often you come to my website, this whole entire site might look new to you.  Well guess what, it is!  Over the past few months, John at Social Mediarts and I have been fine tuning this new website to showcase more of my work from all different areas of photography on one site.  No more 5 different sites that you have to travel to or stumble upon, it’s now all consolidated into this one beautiful website.  John did an amazing job, tweaking many things most people won’t even notice.  He’s a perfectionist and an artist and he really did a great job of finding what I wanted and what would work for my industry of Photography.  His work speaks for itself, so please check out his other websites and work and if you need someone to do a blog for you a website, or even Facebook integration and SEO, he’s your man.

Thanks John, wonderful job!!!

2012 Holiday Mini Sessions Now Available

October 16, 2012 Other

Book your 2012 mini sessions today.  30 minutes sessions with myself at a local park, 5 touched up images for your choice to use on your holiday cards, and a link to download all the digital images for safe keeping and backup.  This deal won’t last long as there are limited spots available.

Please contact me today for booking dates and availability.


Book Your Photographer for 2013

May 25, 2012 Other

2013 Bookings are rolling in fast. If you’re getting married in 2013 here are 5 reasons to book your photographer now.

1. Only 52 Saturday’s in a year.
2. Photographers usually have a limit of how many weddings they will shoot per year.
3. If they are your 1st photographer choice, it probably means they are someone else’s too.
4. In LA/OC area, there are thousands of weddings each month.
5. Popular dates go fast, last year 11-11-11 had 29,000 weddings registered for that one day.

New Business Cards – Thanks Pipoprint

October 6, 2011 Other

I have to admit, I like these cards most out of any business card I’ve ever purchased or made.  Over the years, I’ve saved money by creating and developing my own cards.  Each design was fairly simple, as I don’t consider myself a graphic designer.  But with this latest card, it’s my simplest yet, and now my favorite.

I submitted my order at  Shortly after, I was contacted by them about the specifics and about how I would like it to look.  This personal attention and customer service was awesome.  I don’t think they call everyone, especially if it’s a straight forward order,  but mine had a few differences.

First off, it’s a silk paper, so right off the bat, you can feel a difference. It’s not quiet suede, but it’s soft.  2nd, the words Nathan Nowack Photography are UV Spot treated and shine a little with some glossy love.  Finally, I embossed my new logo into the card, which shows through each side.  Round the corners and there you have it.  On top of all this, the cost was completely reasonable and the turnaround time quick.

Thanks Pipoprint!!!