Cutest Fraternal Twins Ever – Family Portraits – Los Angeles – Kirstin, Krista, Rupa and Zuni

January 20, 2016 Family 0 Comments

Cute, Cute, Cute!!  That pretty much sums up how I feel about little Rupa and Zuni. With such loving parents, they are already winning in life.  I had the pleasure of capturing some lifestyle portraits at their house with the daily happenings of these little 2 month old twins.  With some smiles, spit bubbles, and even a little crying, ok, more then a little crying, they were still cute as can be.  Congrats Kirstin and Krista!!


Awesome USB Flash Drives – So Many Options – USB Memory Direct

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.49.33 PMWe are always looking for great deals and awesome products, and this was one that just happened to fall into our laps.  USB Memory Direct is a wholesale USB memory flash drive website that has some amazing options for storage.  The variety along can take you a while to search through to find your perfect fit.  We used them to get our new Bullet drives for my commercial company www.coverve.com and are super excited for our future clients to see them.  If you’re looking for some USB’s, definitely check this company out.


Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session – Fun Photos with Andrew and Candice

I love downtown LA.  I love fun couples.  I love books.  Ok, maybe I don’t love books, but I love books in photos.  And walking around downtown and finding fun spots to photograph was a pleasure with Andrew and Candice.  We had a good time being romantic, goofy, and just capturing their personalities and love for each other.  It was very apparent they like to have fun and I can’t wait for their big wedding later this year.  Thanks again and congrats to you both on making me laugh on more then one occasion.


An Announcement – Coming Soon – May 2016

December 17, 2015 Family, Other, Personal Work 0 Comments

While I rarely put many personal topics on my professional photography blog, this subject was one that I couldn’t pass up.  Many of you already follow me on Facebook or see my posts on Instagram,  but for those of you who don’t, please see the photo below.  YEP, my wife and I are expecting our first born son in May 2016.  My wife and I have had a long road behind us getting to this point but are delighted for the future beyond words.  With a never quit attitude, close friends and family, and lots of love being sent our way, we have finally gotten to this point and are very appreciative of everyone’s support and the miracles of modern medicine.  You truely don’t know how amazing it is until you go through it first hand.  So I took a photo with a Microsoft Xbox video game Achievement type theme.  This photo sums up our journey, much like a video game itself.


Cerritos Sculpture Garden Family Holiday Portraits

December 17, 2015 Family 0 Comments

Mini and Deepak have had me capture their family for the last few years and I’m super honored to continue that trend.  With family sessions a top priority right now, I’ve been capturing them at locations all over Los Angeles and Orange County.  I’ve enjoyed the variety of locations and of course still finding places that have a Winter/Holiday feel.  The Cerritos Sculpture Garden is perfect for that with lots of variety, never too crowded, and easy to find.  Thank you again to Mini and Deepak and I wish you a warm and happy holidays!