Trash the Dress – Underwater Swimming Pool Photo Session with Jimmy & Sheri

March 24, 2015 Portraits, Weddings 0 Comments

When it comes to Trash the Dress sessions, there are sandy beaches, dirty forests, swampy lakes, and then there are clean, clear swimming pools.  Why wouldn’t you choose the swimming pool option?  Well that’s exactly what Sheri and Jimmy choose up in Camarillo, California.  Just after their beautiful wedding, Jimmy and Sheri scheduled with me this session that I couldn’t have been happier about.  It was a unique idea that not many couples do after their big day.  But why not?  You have the dress, you’re not going to wear it again.  Why not have fun with it and get a few more awesome photos of your new spouse and in a very different environment.  So much fun, such a great idea, and I think the photos turned out amazing.  They were such troopers falling in the water, swimming underwater and holding their breathe, and of course just lounging on the raft.  I wish both Jimmy and Sheri a happy and bright future together, even if it’s underwater.

Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0001 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0003Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0002  Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0004 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0015Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0005 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0006 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0007 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0008 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0009 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0010 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0011 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0012  Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0014  Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0016 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0017 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0018 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0019 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0020 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0021 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0022 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0023 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0024 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0025 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0026 Underwater-trash-the-dress-pool-photo-shoot-wedding_0027


Santa Monica Engagement Session – Melissa & Chad – Los Angeles Photographer

I love Santa Monica, and when Melissa and Chad told me that is where they wanted their engagement session, I couldn’t have been happier.  Not only is it a busy, beautiful location, it’s really getting a huge renovation to a lot of the buildings, parks, and businesses.  It’s a beautiful area, perfect for a lot of cool photos with this amazing couple.


Meeting My First Biological Sibling – My Korean Adoptee Adventure

March 8, 2015 Other, Personal Work 3 Comments

Dan-aka-DanWhat a huge 6 months this has been, I almost don’t know where to begin.  Last year, the Korean American Adoptee Musician and Rapper Dan Matthews made a documentary called “akaDAN.”  Many of you may have heard about it or even see it and if you haven’t you need to.  Click this link for the 10 part YouTube series.  


Brea Maternity Session – Craig Regional Park Portraits – Vivianne & Brian

March 5, 2015 Family, Portraits 0 Comments

I love Craig Park for all kinds of portrait sessions. So with baby on board, Brian and Vivianne met up with me there for their maternity session last year.  It was a fun session, probably the most fun maternity session I’ve had in fact.  Both have amazing personalities, fun attitudes, and were wanting some goofy photos too.  

EBMJG-Long Beach

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens – CSULB – Long Beach – Elizabeth & Eric

February 24, 2015 Weddings 1 Comment

Having a beautiful wedding and reception at the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens has to be one of my favorite venues to shoot at.  I’ve been a preferred vendor there for almost 4 years now and it’s been my pleasure to have captured many beautiful weddings there.  The staff is so nice, the food is always amazing, and the venue is of course beautiful.